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3DS Max 7.0 PF Source particles all captures (6): real explosions

Part VI using the particle flow to create a real blast scene
Overview: the one we have learned the basic operation of the particle stream flow, this section we use particle flow to create a real explosions. This effect can be used in film and television visual effects production, such as bombs, car bombings and so on. Be noted that this explosion effect is very real, it can achieve very complex effects of the explosion, that is the object of debris after the explosion or crash landing after a rebound and continue to further the functions of an explosion. These features are far beyond the number of non-event-driven particle system, such as "Parray (Particle Array)" function scope, the following we take a look at how to achieve such an explosion effect.

1, create the basic scene. Click here to download the original file. In the command panel, click Create (build) / Geometry (object) / Plane (flat) button in the Top view to create a plane as the ground, named for the ground, set the Length (length) value of 600, Width (width) value of 550; click Create (build) / Space Warps (space distortions), click Gravity (gravity), to create a vision in the Top of gravity, and then click Drag the command button panel, and then in the Top view to create a resistance; in the command panel drop-down list and click Select Deflectors (guide plate), as shown in Figure 1-1, and then in the Top view to create a Pomniflect type of guide plate, the size of the ground to create the same with us.

Figure 1-1

2, create an explosion object. Click Create (build) / Geometry (object) / Sphere (sphere), in the Top view to create a sphere model, our ultimate goal is through the particle flow to the ball exploded. And debris after an explosion at the rally after the crash to the ground will continue to explode. As shown in Figure 1-2.

Figure 1-2

3, created after the explosion debris. Use the Line tool to draw some irregular closed polygon, and then they produced a certain thickness of irregular geometry, we will use them to simulate the explosion of debris, as shown in Figure 1-3.

Figure 1-3


4, set the animation length. In view of the bottom click the Time Conefiguration, and in the time settings window, set the animation length of time for the 150, as shown in Figure 1-4.

Figure 1-4

5, set the ball visibility. We plan to explode in 0 in the first 10 pieces will be filled when the entire scene, so in the first 10 frames after the ball will not be displayed in the view of them. First, set the bar in animation drag the time slider to 10, and then click the Auto Key button to open the switch automatically sets the animation, select the sphere in the scene, click the right mouse button select Properties item, enter the parameter setting command panel, Set Rendering Control (rendering control) under the Visibility of the value of 0, as shown in Figure 1-5.

Figure 1-5

6, create a particle flow system. Click Create (build) / Geometry (object) button, in the drop-down list, select the Particle Systems (particle system) option, and then in the command panel, click PF Source in view to create a particle stream, shown in Figure 1 - 6 below.

Figure 1-6

7, click the Modify button access to modify the command panel, in Emission rollout, the Icon Type (icon type) is set to Sphere (sphere), then Logo Size (icon size) and Diameter (diameter) of the values are set 15, as shown in Figure 1-7, in the view of particle flows using the alignment tool icon in the center and the center of the sphere alignment. The reason we set the flow of spherical particles, because this setting when the particle flow in the launch of particles blowing out from the center directly, this will cause all of the particles directly outward from the center of the sphere blowing particles.

Figure 1-7

8, set the initial event. In this scenario, an explosion occurred in the 10 frame, we first press the shortcut keys on the keyboard 6 to open Particle View (particle view).

9, in the particle view, click Birth 01 event, in its right argument in the command panel, set Emit Stop the value of 10, set the Amount (number) value of 500 particles, and then right-click the name of Event 01 In the pop-up menu, select Rename (rename), then this event rename Exp, shown in Figure 1-8.

Figure 1-8


10, set the initial operator. Click the "Position Icon" operator panel in the right order will be drop-down menu under Location Set Volume (volume), this set is full of the future will make the whole spherical particles flow icon. Click the "Speed 01" operator panel in the right order of General Direction (direction) is set to Along Icon Arrow (along the arrow icon) direction, set the Speed value of 150, and Variation (change) the value of the set 50, the Divergence (divergence) angle is set to 100 degrees, then we can look at the effect of camera view, you will find the icon arrows as particles flow to the next, so particles fired down through the ball, choose Speed01 operator In the command panel, check its the right Reverse (reverse) option, and then play the animation again, this time we will find that particle injection and spread upward along the right of conventional explosive move, set in Figure 1-9 shown.

Figure 1-9

11, in order to add the external particles. In the course of the actual explosion, to generate a realistic explosions, then the particles from the explosion after the impact should slow down, we put through to the particle "drag" space distortions can achieve this effect.

12, the first event in the Speed in the Exp operator to add a Force operator under, and then click on the right side of the operator will display the command parameters. Click the BY list button and then select the pop-up window space distortions Drag01. As shown in Figure 1-10. At this point if the player animation, we will see that the distortion of space is not sufficient impact on the particle, it is because we do not impact on the resistance setting, the following adjustments to adjust our "resistance" space distortion, though it has a 5% uniform effect, however, distort the space and the system will be used in conjunction with other particles, so we do not have to adjust its order parameter, but only modify the "Exp" event "Force" operator "Influence" setting can be. By default, "Force" operator using the "Influence (impact)%" value is 1000. It allows the use of particle flow impact of event-driven particle system with non-distorting effects of space considerable space distortions. Here we will "Influence (impact)%" value to 2000. At this point play the animation, we will find when the particles leave the particle flow source, the corresponding rate will slow down.

Figure 1-10

13, the "Delete" operator to "Exp" event at the end, then, "remove" is set to "by particle age", and "life" value is set to 40, will "change" is set to 10 . This will launch after the explosion particles 40 (plus or minus 10) dead. As shown in Figure 1-11.

Figure 1-11

14, click the "Display" operator. The "Type (Type)" changed to "Circle (circle)" and change color like blue, a description is that here we set the particles in view of the display, the blue particles only in the abolition of Select only when particles display shows a blue circle will help us to distinguish between the appearance of different types of particles.

Figure 1-12


15, in the "Exp" event, delete the "Shape" operator. We can also replace it with "Shape Facing" operator, then the simulated explosion of debris material appearance settings to achieve real results, here we do not set up to study materials, we mainly study the effect of breaking ball.

16, for the particles to create an event. Front, we have defined the explosion of the particles. Next, we will define when an explosion ripped the breakdown of debris particles and gravity to create the beginning of applied particles so that they can fall to the plane. We need to note that if you use all the debris particles, then the scene would be too much debris, we can use the "Split Selected" test to resolve this issue, this is not to reduce the number of particles, this test allows us to choose the system the different particle sets and projects to achieve the best match.

17, the "Split Selected" test added to the "Exp" event at the bottom. In the right pane, select the command "Is Selected" option. As shown in Figure 1-13.

Figure 1-13

18, create a new event. First, we will set up a new event for selected particles, so that allows us to see the broken course of the effect of selection. The "Force" operator onto the particles in view of the blank area to create a new event. Rename this new event Fra, click the "Force" operator panel in the right order, click By List button, and then the pop-up window, select Drag01 and Gravity01 items, as shown in Figure 1-14.

Figure 1-14

19, in "Fra" event, click "Display" operator. The "Type (Type)" and "Select (select)" is changed to "Geometry (geometry)", and change color like the color yellow to match the sphere. As shown in Figure 1-15.

Figure 1-15

20, using the mouse to drag the "Split Selected" test output related to the "Fra" event input, as shown in Figure 1-16.

Figure 1-16


21, designated for the particle debris. In order to create the broken fragments produced real results, in the beginning we produced out of a group of randomly generated irregular polygon shape geometry object, we will use the "Shape Instance" operator irregular geometry of these objects were assigned to the incident particle.

22, in the camera view, select all of the irregular geometry, and then use the menu bar of the Group command to compile them into one group. In the particle view, the "Shape Instance" operator to "Fra" incident "Force" operator, click the "Shape Instance" operator, click None button and select groups of irregular geometry Group01 , as in the scene too much debris. We set the ratio of the particle view, so that pieces fit the scene, without scaling the actual geometry. The "Scale (ratio)%" The value is set to 50, and "Variation (change)%" The value is set to 30. Check the "Acquire Mapping (get map)" and "Acquire Material (access to materials)", enable "Multi-Shape Random Order (and more graphic in random order)", its role is to make these graphics were randomly assigned to the particles, rather than cycle in order to specify these graphics, if you do not set the material for the fragmentation effect, this step is not important in the scene, but if you want to create realistic effects, material settings are required, the usual practice is to assign to instance geometry materials and maps available to the particle system, In addition, if we do not use this option, you can also separately for each event instance set the geometry and texture mapping, as shown in Figure 1-17.

Figure 1-17

銆??23銆侀?鎷╃牬纰庣殑绮掑瓙銆備笅闈㈡垜浠皢浼氫负鈥淪plit Selected鈥濇祴璇曟搷浣滅鍒涘缓绮掑瓙閫夋嫨锛屾娴嬭瘯浼氬皢閫夋嫨浼犻?缁欌?Fra鈥濅簨浠躲?涓嬮潰鎴戜滑鏉ユ嫋鍔ㄦ椂闂存粦鍧楋紝鐩村埌绮掑瓙寮?鍚戝鎴愭墖鍨嬫暎寮?负姝?鍗曞嚮绮掑瓙娴佸浘鏍囨湰韬垨鍗曞嚮鍦烘櫙涓殑浠讳綍绮掑瓙锛岄?鎷╃矑瀛愭祦銆?br />
銆??24銆佸崟鍑籑odify閽繘鍏ヤ慨鏀瑰懡浠ら潰鏉夸腑锛屽睍寮??Selection锛堥?鎷╋級鈥濆嵎灞曟爮锛岀劧鍚庡崟鍑烩?Particle锛堢矑瀛愶級鈥濇寜閽?鍦↙eft瑙嗗浘涓斁澶х悆浣撳拰绮掑瓙锛岀劧鍚庡湪瑙嗗浘褰撲腑鎷栧姩榧犳爣锛屾閫夊嚭涓?釜閫夋嫨鍖哄煙浠ラ?鎷╀笌鐞冧綋澶勪簬鍚屼竴姘村钩楂樺害鐨勭矑瀛愶紝姝ゆ椂閫夋嫨鐨勭矑瀛愬皢鍙樹负绾㈣壊锛屽苟鏇存敼涓烘樉绀哄嚑浣曚綋纰庣墖锛屾湭閫夋嫨鐨勭矑瀛愮户缁樉绀轰负钃濊壊鍦嗗舰锛岀敱浜庨?鎷╃殑绮掑瓙鍜屾湭閫夋嫨鐨勭矑瀛愰噰鐢ㄤ簡涓ょ涓嶅悓鐨勬樉绀烘柟寮忥紝鍥犳鎴戜滑寰堝鏄撶‘瀹氬摢浜涚矑瀛愭槸閫夊畾鐨勶紝鍝簺绮掑瓙鏄病鏈夐?瀹氱殑銆?br />

Figure 1-18

銆??25銆佹嫋鍔ㄦ椂闂存粦鍧楄瀵燂紝鎴戜滑浼氬彂鐜板湪鏁翠釜鍔ㄧ敾鎾斁鐨勮繃绋嬩腑锛岀鐗囩矑瀛愭樉绀轰负鈥淔ra鈥濈粍涓殑闅忔満鍥惧舰锛屽嵆涓嶈鍒欑殑鍑犱綍浣撶殑褰㈢姸锛屽涓婂浘鎵?ず銆傚皢閫夋嫨鐨勭矑瀛愪紶閫掔粰浜嬩欢鐨勫姛鑳芥槸闈炲父寮哄ぇ鐨勶紝鑰屼笖涓虹郴缁熸坊鍔犱簡寰堝鐨勭伒娲绘?锛岄?杩囬?鎷╀笉鍚岀殑绮掑瓙閰嶇疆锛屽彲浠ュ垱寤哄畬鍏ㄤ笉鍚岀殑鏁堟灉銆備緥濡傦紝鎴戜滑鍙互閫夋嫨鐞冧綋涓婃柟鐨勬墍鏈夌矑瀛愶紝鎴栧彧閫夋嫨鐞冧綋搴曢儴闄勮繎鐨勭矑瀛愶紝杩欐牱锛屽氨鍙互鏂逛究蹇嵎鍦板疄鐜拌澶氫笉鍚岀殑鐖嗙偢鏁堟灉銆?br />
銆??26銆佸湪鈥淪election锛堥?鎷╋級鈥濆嵎灞曟爮涓婏紝鍗曞嚮Event鍥炬爣锛岃繖鏍烽?鎷╃殑绮掑瓙灏辫纭畾涓虹垎鐐稿悗鏈?粓鏄剧ず鐨勭鐗囷紝鐒跺悗鍐嶅崟鍑烩?Particle锛堢矑瀛愶級鈥濇寜閽互閫?嚭瀛愬璞″眰绾э紝杩欐牱灏卞彲浠ラ伩鍏嶆棤鎰忎腑鍙栨秷閫夋嫨绮掑瓙銆?br />
銆??27銆佽缃鐗囪嚜鏃嬫柟寮忋?鍦ㄥ疄闄呭埗浣滅垎鐐告晥鏋滅殑杩囩▼涓紝鑻ヨ浣跨垎鐐哥湅璧锋潵鏇村姞鐪熷疄锛屾渶缁堢垎鐐哥殑纰庣墖搴旇鏃嬭浆锛屼篃灏辨槸璇寸矑瀛愯浜х敓鑷棆銆?br />
銆??28銆佸湪鈥淔ra鈥濅簨浠朵腑锛屽皢鈥淪pin鈥濇搷浣滅娣诲姞鍒扳?Shape Instance鈥濇搷浣滅鐨勪笅闈?鐒跺悗閫夋嫨鈥淪pin鈥濇搷浣滅锛屽湪鍏跺彸渚х殑鍛戒护闈㈡澘涓婂皢鈥淪pin銆?ate锛堣嚜鏃嬮?鐜囷級鈥濊缃负 720 搴︼紝骞跺皢鈥淰ariation锛堝彉鍖栵級鈥濊缃负 30锛屽鍥?锛?9鎵?ず锛屼笅闈㈡垜浠寜涓嬫挱鏀惧姩鐢婚挳锛岃鐪嬩竴涓嬫晥鏋滐紝纰庣墖鍦ㄥ彂灏勪互鍚庝骇鐢熶簡鑷棆銆?br />

Figure 1-19


銆?9銆佽缃鐗囧弽寮瑰苟鐮寸銆傚墠闈㈡垜浠凡缁忓垱寤轰簡纰庣墖鐖嗙偢鐢ㄦ潵妯℃嫙鐮寸鐨勭悆浣撱?鍦ㄨ繖涓姩鐢讳腑鎴戜滑鍙湁鍑犱釜甯х殑鍔ㄧ敾锛屽浜庡皬鐨勫満鏅彲鑳藉彲鑳藉凡缁忚冻澶熶簡锛屼絾鏄瀵逛簬涓?釜澶х殑鍦烘櫙鏉ヨ锛屾垜浠笇鏈涘湪绮掑瓙纰版挒鍦板钩闈㈡椂浣垮畠浠弽寮瑰苟鐮寸銆傝繖閲屾垜浠皢閫氳繃涓?簺璁剧疆鏉ヨ揪鍒版洿濂界殑鏁堟灉锛屽墠闈㈠湪鍦烘櫙涓垜浠凡灏嗗垱寤轰簡瀵煎悜鍣ㄥ苟鏀剧疆鍦ㄤ簡鍦板钩闈笂锛屾垜浠皢浣跨敤鈥淐ollision鈥濇祴璇曟搷浣滅锛屽畠鍙互璇嗗埆浠庡鍚戝櫒鍙嶅脊鐨勭矑瀛愶紝浣跨敤鈥淐ollision Spawn鈥濇祴璇曚娇纰庣墖鍙嶅脊鍚庣湅璧锋潵濂藉儚姝e湪鍒嗚涓?牱锛屼粠鑰屽彲浠ヨ繘涓?鍔犲己瑙嗚鏁堟灉銆?br />
銆??30銆佸湪鈥淔ra鈥濅簨浠剁殑搴曢儴娣诲姞鈥淐ollision Spawn鈥濇祴璇曪紝鍦ㄥ叾鍙充晶鐨勫懡浠ら潰鏉夸笂锛屽皢 POmniFlect01 鎸囧畾涓衡?瀵煎悜鍣ㄢ?锛屽畠灏辨槸鍦板钩闈笂鐨勫鍚戝櫒锛屽鍥?锛?0鎵?ず銆?br />

Figure 1-20

銆??31銆佸湪鍏跺彸渚х殑鍛戒护闈㈡澘涓婏紝鍦ㄢ?Spawn銆?ate銆?nd銆?mount锛堢箒娈栭?鐜囧拰鏁伴噺锛夆?缁勪腑锛岀‘淇濋?瀹氣?Spawn銆?n銆?irst銆?ollision锛堥娆$鎾炴椂绻佹畺锛夆?骞朵笖鍚敤鈥淒elete銆?arent锛堝垹闄ょ埗绮掑瓙锛夆?閫夐」锛屽垹闄ょ埗绮掑瓙鐨勪綔鐢ㄥ彲浠ヤ互浣垮叾鍦ㄧ牬纰庝负杈冨皬瀵硅薄鍚庝笉鍐嶅弽寮癸紝灏嗗懡浠ら潰鏉夸腑锛屸?Spawnable%锛堝彲绻佹畺锛夆?鍙傛暟鐢ㄦ潵璁剧疆瑕佺牬纰庣殑纰庣墖鐨勭櫨鍒嗘瘮锛岄粯璁ょ殑鎯呭喌涓嬫鍊间负100%锛屾垜浠篃鍙互灏嗗叾璁剧疆涓鸿緝浣庣殑鍊硷紝浠ヤ粎浣块儴鍒嗙鐗囩牬纰庛?灏嗏?Offspring锛堝瓙瀛欐暟锛夆?璁剧疆涓?10锛屽皢鈥淰ariation%锛堝彉鍖栵級鈥濆?璁剧疆涓?10.0銆傚畠琛ㄧず鐨勬槸褰撴瘡涓垵濮嬬鐗囦笌瀵煎悜鍣ㄧ鎾炴椂锛岄兘灏嗗垱寤?9 鑷?11 涓柊纰庣墖銆傚湪鈥淪peed锛堥?搴︼級鈥濋?椤圭粍涓紝纭繚鈥淧arent锛堢埗绮掑瓙锛夆?鍜屸?Offspring锛堝瓙瀛欙級鈥濈殑鍙傛暟閮借缃负鈥淏ounce锛堝弽寮癸級鈥濄?杩欏皢瀵艰嚧涓ょ绫诲瀷鐨勭矑瀛愰兘鍦ㄥ鍚戝櫒涓婂弽寮广?鍙嶅脊鐨勭▼搴﹀凡鐢变綅浜庘?淇敼鈥濋潰鏉夸笂鐨勫鍚戝櫒鍙傛暟璁剧疆銆傚湪鈥淪peed锛堥?搴︼級鈥濈粍涓紝淇濇寔榛樿鐨勨?Inheritde%锛堢户鎵匡級鈥濈殑榛樿鍊间负100锛屽皢鈥淰ariation锛堝彉鍖栵級%鈥濊缃负 30锛屽皢鈥淒ivergence锛堟暎搴︼級鈥濊搴﹁缃负 30銆傚湪鈥淪ize锛堝ぇ灏忥級鈥濈粍涓紝灏嗏?Scale銆?actor锛堟瘮渚嬪洜瀛愶級%鈥濊缃负 50锛屽皢鈥淰ariation锛堝彉鍖栵級%鈥濊缃负 25锛岃繖灏嗗鑷存柊绻佹畺鐨勭鐗囧彉鎴愬師濮嬬鐗囩殑绾︿竴鍗婂ぇ灏忥紝璁剧疆瀹屾垚鍚庣殑鍛戒护闈㈡澘濡傚浘1锛?1鎵?ず銆?br />

Figure 1-21

銆??31銆佽瀵熷姩鐢绘晥鏋溿?鍦ㄥ睆骞曠殑涓嬫柟绉诲姩鏃堕棿婊戝潡锛屾鏃舵垜浠細鐪嬪埌杩欎簺纰庣墖鍦ㄩ?杩囧鍚戝櫒鏃跺垎瑁傛垚鏇村皬鐨勭鐗囥?鐜板湪鎴戜滑娌℃湁瀹氫箟鐮寸绮掑瓙鍥惧舰鐨勭壒瀹氫簨浠讹紝濡傛灉绻佹畺鎿嶄綔娌℃湁杈撳嚭鑷冲彟涓?簨浠讹紝鍒欏師濮嬬矑瀛愮殑灞炴?灏变細鐢辨柊绮掑瓙缁ф壙銆?br />
銆??32銆佷负鐮寸鐨勭鐗囧垱寤烘柊浜嬩欢銆傜矑瀛愮垎鐐稿悗鎾炲嚮鍦伴潰锛屽苟缁ф壙浜嗗師濮嬬鐗囩殑鏃嬭浆銆傜幇鍦ㄨ浣跨牬纰庣殑纰庣墖闅忔満鍙嶅脊鍜岃嚜鏃嬶紝杩橀渶瑕佷竴涓柊浜嬩欢锛屼互渚垮彲浠ヤ负杩欎簺纰庣墖璁剧疆灞炴?銆傝繖閲屾垜浠皢浣跨敤鈥淪pin鈥濇搷浣滅寮?鏂颁簨浠讹紝浠ヤ娇绮掑瓙鍦ㄧ鎾炲鍚戝櫒鍚庨殢鏈烘棆杞?鍦ㄧ矑瀛愯鍥剧殑绌虹櫧鍖哄煙娣诲姞鈥淪pin鈥濇搷浣滅锛屽苟灏嗘鏂颁簨浠堕噸鍛藉悕涓?Sha锛屽鍥?锛?2鎵?ず銆?br />

Figure 1-22


33銆佸皢鈥淔ragments鈥濅簨浠朵腑鈥淐ollision Spawn鈥濇祴璇曠殑杈撳嚭鍏宠仈鑷斥?Shatter鈥濅簨浠讹紝瀹冭〃绀哄彧鏈夊綋绮掑瓙宸蹭笌瀵煎悜鍣ㄧ鎾炲苟鐮寸涓鸿緝灏忕殑纰庣墖鏃讹紝绮掑瓙鎵嶄細浼犻?鍒扳?Sha鈥濅簨浠讹紝濡傚浘1锛?3鎵?ず銆?br />

Figure 1-23

銆??34銆佸湪Sha浜嬩欢涓崟鍑烩?Spin02鈥濇搷浣滅锛屽湪鍏跺彸渚х殑鍛戒护闈㈡澘涓皢鈥淪pin銆?ate锛堣嚜鏃嬮?鐜囷級鈥濊缃负 900锛屽皢鈥淰ariation锛堝彉鍖栵級 %鈥濊缃负 100锛屽畠琛ㄧず褰撶矑瀛愮鎾炲鍚戝櫒鏃讹紝姝よ嚜鏃嬮?鐜囧皢澶ц嚧涓庣矑瀛愮殑鑷棆鐩稿尮閰嶏紝濡傚浘1锛?4鎵?ず銆傗?Force鈥濇搷浣滅骞朵笉鑳藉湪浜嬩欢涓棿浼犻?锛屽洜姝ゆ垜浠繀椤讳负鏂颁簨浠舵坊鍔犱竴涓?Force鈥濇搷浣滅锛屽苟涓旀鎿嶄綔绗﹀簲璇ュ悓Fra浜嬩欢涓娇鐢ㄧ殑鈥淔orce鈥濇搷浣滅鐨勮缃浉鍚岋紝浣縎ha浜嬩欢涓殑绮掑瓙浣跨敤鐩稿悓鐨勫姏銆?br />

Figure 1-24

銆??35銆佸湪绮掑瓙瑙嗗浘绐楀彛涓殑鈥淔ra鈥濅簨浠朵腑锛屽崟鍑烩?Force鈥濇搷浣滅锛岀劧鍚庡彸閿崟鍑诲苟鍦ㄥ脊鍑虹殑鑿滃崟褰撲腑閫夋嫨鈥淐opy锛堟嫹璐濓級鈥濓紝鐒跺悗鍦ㄢ?Sha鈥濅簨浠朵腑锛屽彸閿崟鍑烩?Spin鈥濇搷浣滅涓嬫柟骞朵粠鑿滃崟涓?鎷┾?Paste銆?nstanced锛堢矘璐村疄渚嬶級鈥濓紝杩欐牱鈥淔orce鈥濇搷浣滅鐨勫疄渚嬪皢浼氬嚭鐜板湪鈥淪ha鈥濅簨浠朵腑锛屽鍥?锛?5鎵?ず銆?br />

Figure 1-25


銆??37銆佷负鐮寸鐨勭矑瀛愬垱寤虹鎾炴祴璇曘?灏嗏?Collision鈥濇祴璇曟嫋鍔ㄦ坊鍔犲埌鈥淪ha鈥濅簨浠剁殑鏈熬锛岃繖閲岀殑鈥淐ollision鈥濇祴璇曟瘮鈥淐ollision Spawn鈥濇祴璇曟洿閫傜敤锛屾垜浠笇鏈涚矑瀛愬湪棣栨鎾炲嚮瀵煎悜鍣ㄦ椂鐮寸锛屽苟涓斿湪浠ュ悗纰版挒鏃朵笉甯屾湜绮掑瓙鐮寸锛屼娇鐢ㄢ?Collision鈥濇祴璇曞弬鏁板彲浠ュ緢濂藉湴鎺у埗绮掑瓙鍦ㄧ鎾炲拰鍙嶅脊鏃剁殑琛屼负锛屽鍥?锛?6鎵?ず銆?br />

Figure 1-26

銆??38銆佸崟鍑烩?Collision鈥濇搷浣滅锛屽湪鍙充晶鐨勫懡浠ら潰鏉夸笂灏哖OmniFlect01瀵煎悜鍣ㄦ坊鍔犲埌鈥淒eflectors锛堝鍚戝櫒锛夆?鍒楄〃褰撲腑锛岄?鎷┾?Collided銆?ultiple銆?imes锛堢鎾炲娆★級鈥濋?椤癸紝灏嗏?Times锛堟鏁帮級鈥濈殑鍊艰缃负榛樿鍊?5锛屽皢鈥淪peed锛堥?搴︼級鈥濈殑鍊艰缃负鈥淪top锛堝仠姝級鈥濓紝瀹冭〃绀虹牬纰庣矑瀛愪笌瀵煎悜鍣ㄧ鎾炵殑娆℃暟涓嶈秴杩囦簲娆★紝鐒跺悗瀹屽叏鍋滄锛屽鍥?锛?7鎵?ず銆?br />

Figure 1-27

銆??39銆佹挱鏀惧姩鐢伙紝鍔ㄧ敾杩涘睍椤哄埄锛岀悆浣撶垎鐐稿舰鎴愮鐗囷紝纰庣墖鍙嶅脊骞惰繘涓?鐖嗙偢鐮寸锛岀劧鍚庣户缁繘琛屽皯璁稿弽寮癸紝鏁堟灉闈炲父鐪熷疄銆?br />



銆??41銆佸湪鍔ㄧ敾缁撴潫鏃跺仠姝㈢矑瀛愩?鍦ㄢ?绮掑瓙瑙嗗浘鈥濈殑绌虹櫧鍖哄煙涓垱寤烘柊鐨勨?Rotation鈥濇搷浣滅锛屽苟灏嗘柊浜嬩欢閲嶅懡鍚嶄负 Stop锛屽皢鈥淩otation鈥濇搷浣滅鐨勨?Orientation銆?atrix锛堟柟鍚戠煩闃碉級鈥濊缃负鈥淩andom銆?orizontal锛堥殢鏈烘按骞筹級鈥濓紝杩欏皢瀵艰嚧姣忎釜纰庣墖鍦ㄥ仠姝㈡椂鈥滆汉涓嬧?锛屽鍥?锛?8鎵?ず銆?br />

Figure 1-28

銆??42銆佸皢鈥淪ha鈥濅簨浠朵腑鈥淐ollision鈥濇祴璇曠殑杈撳嚭鍏宠仈鑷虫柊鐨勨?Stop鈥濅簨浠讹紝濡傚浘1锛?9鎵?ず銆?br />


銆??43銆佹垜浠繕闇?浣跨敤鍙﹀涓?釜鎿嶄綔绗︽潵灏嗙矑瀛愮郴缁熻浆鎹㈠埌鈥淩otation鈥濇搷浣滅璁剧疆骞跺仠姝紝鑰屼笉鏄绮掑瓙绯荤粺浣跨敤鎿嶄綔绗︽潵鍒涘缓杩愬姩锛屼负姝わ紝鍦ㄢ?Stop鈥濅簨浠朵腑鐨勨?Rotation鈥濇搷浣滅涓婃柟锛屾坊鍔犱竴涓?Go To Rotation鈥濇祴璇曪紝瀹冨皢浼氬憡鐭ユ鍦ㄨ繘鍏ョ殑绮掑瓙绔嬪嵆杞崲鍒颁笅闈㈢殑鏂扳?Rotation鈥濇搷浣滅锛屽鍥?锛?0鎵?ず銆?br />


銆??44銆佸崟鍑烩?Go To Rotation鈥濇祴璇曘?淇濇寔Transition銆?Y鐨勯粯璁よ缃负Event銆?uration鏂瑰紡锛屽苟灏嗏?Duration锛堟寔缁椂闂达級鈥濊缃负 0锛屽皢Variation鐨勫?璁剧疆涓?0锛岀‘淇濆皢鈥淭arget銆?otation锛堢洰鏍囨棆杞級鈥濊缃负鈥淐onstant锛堟亽瀹氾級鈥濓紝骞朵笖鍚敤鈥淢atch銆?nitial銆?pin锛堝尮閰嶅垵濮嬭嚜鏃嬶級鈥濓紝鍦ㄢ?Match銆?nitial銆?pin锛堝尮閰嶅垵濮嬭嚜鏃嬶級涓嬶紝灏嗏?Variation锛堝彉鍖栵級鈥濊缃负 30锛屽苟纭繚鍚敤鈥淪top銆?pinning锛堝仠姝㈣嚜鏃嬶級鈥濓紝濡傚浘1锛?1鎵?ず銆?br />



45銆佹挱鏀惧姩鐢伙紝鎴戜滑浼氱湅鍒扮牬纰庣殑绮掑瓙鍦ㄧ鎾炴椂鏄剧ず绫诲瀷鍙戠敓浜嗘敼鍙橈紝杩欐槸鐢变簬鏂扮殑鈥淪top鈥濅簨浠朵负瀹冧滑鎸囧畾浜嗛粯璁ょ殑鏄剧ず绫诲瀷锛屽垹闄も?Stop鈥濅簨浠朵腑鐨勬柊鈥淒isplay鈥濇搷浣滅锛屽苟浣跨敤鎷疯礉澶嶅埗鐨勬柟寮忓皢鍏舵浛鎹负鈥淪ha鈥濅簨浠朵腑鐨勨?Display鈥濇搷浣滅瀹炰緥銆?br />
銆??46銆佸啀娆℃挱鏀惧姩鐢伙紝姝ゆ椂鎴戜滑灏卞畬鎴愪簡鐞冧綋鐨勫姩鐢昏缃紝鐞冧綋鐖嗙偢鎴愪负纰庣墖锛岃?涓旇繖浜涚鐗囧湪鎾炲嚮鍦伴潰鏃朵細缁х画鍙嶅脊鍜岀牬纰庯紝杩欏湪浠ュ墠鐨勯潪浜嬩欢椹卞姩鐨勭矑瀛愬綋涓槸鏃犳硶瀹炵幇鐨勶紝濡傚浘1锛?2鎵?ず銆?br />


銆??47銆佹湰鑺傚皬缁擄細鏈妭鎴戜滑瀛︿範浜嗕竴涓悆浣撶垎鐐稿悗鎾炲嚮鍦伴潰鍙嶅脊骞朵笖鍙嶅脊鍚庣户缁牬纰庣殑鐖嗙偢鍔ㄧ敾锛岄?杩囨鑺傚涔狅紝鎴戜滑搴旇瀵圭矑瀛愭祦鐨勫己澶у姛鑳藉強娴佺▼鏈変簡涓?釜鍩烘湰鐨勪簡瑙o紝涓嬩竴鑺傛垜浠皢閫氳繃涓?釜鏇翠负澶嶆潅鐨勫疄渚嬪寮硅拷韪姩鐢绘潵瀛︿範绮掑瓙娴佺殑寮哄ぇ鍔熻兘锛岃澶у缁х画鍏虫敞PConline杞欢璧勮鐨?DS Max鏍忕洰銆?br />


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