Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Modern shipbuilding process

Modern shipbuilding process

1, Ship Lofting

1. Linear Setting: Setting out points by hand and machine (computer) setting out, manual setting out the general 1:1 ratio of sample units required to occupy a great area, needs greater human and material resources, currently less used; machines, also known as mathematical lofting Lofting , relying on advanced technology software for lofting the hull, the higher the accuracy of mathematical lofting and does not take up space and personnel, now more widely used machine lofting.

2. Structural Setting, expand: Setting out on the structure, expand and draw the appropriate process model, like rods.

3. Blanking sketch: draw the corresponding blanking draft.

Second, hull steel pretreatment: The pretreatment of steel surfaces to eliminate stress.

1. Steel Correction: General mechanical method, namely, multi-folder roller straightening machine, hydraulic machine, steel straightening machine.

2. Surface cleaning: a. mechanical descaling method, such as shot blasting shot blasting rust law and so on, now more widely used; b. pickling descaling method, also called chemical rust removal, through chemical reactions; c. hand-rust law, first-class tool with Lang Percussion rust

Third, component processing

1. Edge processing: cutting, cutting, etc.;

2. Cold and hot processing: elimination of stress, deformation, etc.;

3. Forming: hydraulic bed, frame bending machine.

4, the hull assembly: Hull (parts) assembly, the combination of blending the various components that we need space for a variety of shapes.

5, hull welding: the shape of space after the assembly to become permanent by welding an integral whole.

6, tightness test: test various types of dense, such as the color test, ultrasound, X-ray and so on.

7, the ship into the water: the water after the basic shape and design of all sizes line the following sizes are flooded.

1. Gravity into the water: general method for the slipway into the water, by weight, and sliding speed of ships into the water;

2. Buoyancy into the water: the general form of dock;

3. The machine into the water: for small and medium ships, by dragging or lifting equipment into the water.

8, ship outfitting: a comprehensive system to carry out outfitting, mooring systems, aircraft equipment, electrical equipment, control equipment and other work.

9, the ship pilot: mooring test, tilt test, trials (fully test the performance of the ship).

10, Delivery acceptance.

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